Helping the bees and pollinators might be easier than you think. Learning the names of the flowering plants they depend upon and their value to them helping them thrive not just survive.

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Bee.otany researches honey bee plants, the nutritional value, local common names of the plants in a wide variety of places. Help us help more people, places and pollinators by donating here

Save the bees, birds, bats and other pollinators!

Our projects help plant flowers for pollinators, educate the public on what pollinators are and the flowering plants they depend on and gather common names in other languages helping everyone help the bees!


When someone says “pollinators,” the first thing that likely comes to mind is a bee, maybe a honey bee or a bumble bee, but typically not bats, birds, beetles or a plethora of other insects that are pollinators.

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Plant Lists

There are so many plant lists around the world for honeybees. We have assembled them in a map and work on guides to help people better plant for pollinators

Places We've Worked

Started as beekeepers and researchers, now as educators and consultants. From the United States, West and East Africa, the Eastern Caribbean and Eastern Europe, we’ve worked with beekeepers, farmers and others how to better work with pollinators.

Bee.otany is a not for profit organization

Not a B-corp or for-profit corporation. We understand helping bees, pollinators, and others does not include greed, but understanding, research and a lot of hard work. 

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