What can you do for me :)

Of course you must have thought that I wouldn’t be writing a blog unless I wanted something, right? Even if it’s as simple as you to read what I have to say and listen attentively.

Traveling is exhausting as many of us know. It’s always nice to have creature comforts with to make the journey a bit more enjoyable when you simply just want to get there. While moving to another place is still as distributive there is a finite amount of time that you are unsettled. I think in my case I’m not sure if I will ever be settled again. This is where you, dear reader, come in.

As seemingly being in constant movement creature comforts are not bulky things, sometimes ideas, and even better yet something that can not be contained. As having to carry everything I own on my back while traveling everything I carry must be of importance. So what are things that would bring me comfort while traveling that could be given or sent to me:

  • Motivational music (what gets you up in the morning? or better yet,what puts you in a good mood or what do you listen to while you work out) I listen to everything from classical to Marilyn Manson. Just send me the title/list/you tube link and I can look it up before I leave and add it to my ipod.
  • Contacts of People that could be helpful to me  Trust me this might sound weird but I can never know enough people & I have the most wonderful people in my life due to just this thing. If you know me and know someone else that for WHATEVER reason you think I should know, PLEASE send me their information or vice versa. 
  • Forward on my blog to others Again this is not just to put me in contact with people that I should know but people that might like to know me. (There are many things I would do if asked, for career, for fun, for a favor)
  • Penpal Do you have a school age child that is starting to learn geography? Or would like them to start writing letters? I could easily be there penpal. I WOULD LOVE to have regular letter correspondence with anyone. My contact info is here.
  • Correspondence/Speaker Match: This is the place if you have a classroom that would like to adopt me you can sign up here.  We can correspond in various ways with classrooms and also meet with classes to talk about your experiences after we return.
  • Good Books– What’s your favorite book? What could you read over and over again? Send me the title(s) I will be bringing a Kindle Fire with me and have a book list of 300+ (mostly non-fiction) that I hope to make a dent in, but sure I will run out of ideas. Sooo many books & luckily a lot of time 🙂
  • Drought hardy seeds-I will be planting a TON of seeds and helping start gardens (container/raised beds/etc) so more the better, but SPECIFICALLY DROUGHT HARDY. We will also try and collect seeds to use again the following year. UPDATE: I received 100  vegetable seed packets from Seed Savers to bring with me-this should be plenty for a while
  • Anything else you can think of that might be helpful when traveling/living abroad in an under-developed country for 2+ years Send me the link or shoot me an email about it. The best advice I have gotten so far is from people I would never have thought of asking about it.

Thank you in advance!! Any and all will be helpful and am more than amazed at the people I have in my life and glad I can share a piece of my adventure with you all.