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March 2017 Update

Sadly 2016 got to be very busy being back home in Minnesota after returning in April of 2016 from my Peace Corps Response Beekeeping position in Grenada, Eastern Carribbean. I wanted to write, wish you a happy and hopefully productive 2017 and let you know what I’ve been up to.

  • April 2016 Returned from my year on Grenada, Eastern Carribbean. Still missing the wonderful other Peace Corps volunteers on the island along with the wonderful host family I had, the St. Paul’s, and of course all the farmers and beekeepers I met. If you ever get a chance to visit the island, please do, not to be missed or wasted
  • Once back in the US I was hoping to do some more writing on my Peace Corps experiences and also started working on a larger honey bee plant identification project called Bee.otany. It is also on Instagram:@bee.otany twitter: @bee_otany and Facebook: bee.otany feel free to check it out, share or provide any feed back!!
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  • In August I was able to take a USAID Farmer to Farmer beekeeping training contract to Liberia. I worked with Liberia Pure Honey that was set up locally with ACDI/VOCA. I can’t say enough about Liberia and it’s resilent and wonderful people. I have never felt so welcomed by an entire country, it was amazing to see after a civil war and ebola passing through the region. I can’t wait to go back and see more of the country and work with such passionate and knowledgeable people.
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  • Once I was back from Liberia, I started to get busy working a few jobs, one namely for my friends at Worker B. They opened a holiday store at the Mall of America that carries their beeswax, honey and oil based skincare line but also has a honey tasting bar with honey from local to around the world. They have decided to stick around so feel free to visit them or me at W166 near Macy’s.
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  • Which brings us to now, in less than a week I leave for 8 days in Kenya to work with an organization called ‘Elephants and Bees’ in the southern part of Kenya. They are under ‘Save the Elephants’ from the UK and I’ll be working with them on their Pollination Study. They hang Kenyan Top bar hives, which are horizontal, in fence lines to keep elephants from migrating through crops and villages. Very excited but also it will be a nice break from my 50+ hour weeks that I’ve been working until now.

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