And I’m leaving…

tomorrow on a (red eye) jet plane. Something is very scary about leaving for a year (or more of your life). I packed a week ago but of course the last little bits take up more space than I dedicated for them. Luckily (or not) we are allowed 2 checked bags, and I’m using it all of it. My bags are light, but just have lots of volume due to needing both work and nice clothes and I packed some food. Within a short time I won’t own as much.

yes that is 4 bags, 2 check, 2 carry on

I hoped to pack less this time around, since I’ve done this before and it’s only for a year. But the need for ‘stuff’ is sad but true. I can cope, but ‘less’ is always something I strive for now in life. To lighten myself enough to travel more freely through this world. To carry experiences rather than ‘stuff’

Also I took an 8-day road trip a 2 weeks before I’m due to leave, the Minneapolis International Film Festival is going on, the Association of Writers & Writer’s Programs happens to be in town (along with many free events), HBO has a new app (free for the 1st month) and I’ve been dying to watch a few of their documentaries that I keep hearing about (namely “It’s Me Hilary: The Man who Drew Eloise“,  “112 Weddings” and “Going Clear: Scientology”). Everything fun happens to happen all at once. Oh and I have a stack of books I would love to read before I leave but that’s not going to happen either. 😦

I’m sorry that the photos that I will most likely share in the next year will give you some emotion along of “I want to be there” to “I am jealous of this person’s life” PLEASE DON’T BE. I know this is easier said than done. “Emotions are like clouds, if you wait a few moments they will pass” I don’t like the idea of jealous towards me or my work. Everyone has an interesting life, regardless of where you are. Everyone has a story to tell.

My goal is to “Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself – what you’re
wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing. Recreate and repeat.” – Warsan Shire with the photos I will try to take for the next year. 

But honestly, thank you for all the well wishes, blessings, prayers, thoughts, visits, emails, notes, lunches, dinners, drinks, love sent from afar and hugs! I am very blessed to be doing what I do and can not wait to see what’s going to happen!

My view from where I stayed in Minneapolis

My mailing address (and is also under the contact tab)

M Wannarka
Peace Corps Grenada
Upper Lucas St. and Lowther’s Lane
P.O. Box 766
St. George’s, West Indies

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