Things I’ve lost

This place makes you think you are going crazy. First, people think you are dumb and incompetent because you simply do not speak their language. Speaking and comprehension are two different things. You are able to comprehend a language way before you are able to speak it. It’s frustrating to know what people are saying to you or even about you but unable to say anything back or make the thoughts in your head known.

Unknown artist, found in dumpster in U.S.

This happens for quite a while. Actually I’m not sure when it stops, if ever.


So far the list I made of thing I have lost so far. In no order of importance

  • 2 leathermans (As handy as these are I’m very sad that not just 1 but both are gone)
  • small notebook with vocab, notes, names and telephone numbers
  • my sense of humor
  • quotes I had taken from a book I meant to write about
  • ability to write/speak English with ease (due to Senegal-haze, everything is loud here and busy, it takes a while to get used to it and while learning another langugage makes it harder to remember things, why I MUST read)
  • my mind
  • many pairs of shoes due to crappy manufacturing (this place is a good testing grounds for products
  • my stomach due to unclean water
  • idea of what development is
  • my sense of purpose with in frame work
  • weight
  • ability to give to children
  • sense of privacy
  • the want to care-sometimes
  • handkerchief
  • bracelets
  • money and camera in Gambia
  • sense of control of life
  • time
  • bag
  • solar charger, ipod, camera, laptop due to climate and wear and tear
  • French/English dictionary
Minus 1 bag, what I brought with me to Senegal

If someone would have told me I would have lost some, a lot or all of my possessions that I brought with me to Senegal, I would have packed the same. Knowing what is here I would of course packed less. But hindsight is 20-20.

Most of these things are not that important, the others wax and wane depending upon the day, week or month. It might sound strange but I think it’s good to remember what you’ve lost, see where you’ve been and even then see what you’ve gained. And in my case I’ve gained a lot.

“Law of conservation of mass implies that mass can neither be created nor destroyed, although it
may be rearranged in space, or the entities associated with it may be
changed in form.”

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  1. I lost a much in four years of college! (well, not the ipod stuff, because it hadn't been invented yet). But I'll bet you've gained much more. Your work is so impressive. I'm in awe every time I read a post!


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