Senegalese Ephemera

Ephemera (singular: ephemeron) is any transitory written
or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved. The word
derives from the Greek, meaning things lasting no more than a day. Some collectible ephemera are advertising trade cards, airsickness bags, bookmarks, catalogues, greeting cards, letters, pamphlets, postcards, posters, prospectuses, stock certificates, tickets and zines.

The idea for this post happened when I had cleaned out my wallet. Realizing my camera had died and there was a working scanner at my regional office, I could scan in many of these things to keep record of some of the names, addresses and telephone numbers if by chance I needed them in the future. And then realizing. One of my favorite things to keep from trips were all the random things that you never seen unless you go on the trip. The ephemera. Without further ado.

Contraception poster at the local poste de sante (small clinic)

Gambian dalasi (pronouced dollarzee) 32.60GMD = $1

Grafiti art in Dakar

Grafiti art in Dakar

Grafiti art in Dakar

Senegalese cfa (500cfa = $1)

Senegalese cfa coins

Invitation to an end of year party at the middle school the next town over
Invitation envelopes to various events
Receipts for the post de sante, ride from Kaolack to Karang and the post office

Various receipts from hardware stores and grocery stores

Random scraps of things I’ve found and made a cover for my planner


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