Kaolack Girls Camp-Call for Action

So Christmas is over, New Year and the Super Bowl have passed. I have not asked any of you to do much (or anything for me) so far other than maybe skype me or read my blog. So if you are so inclined and able, I would ask you to donate to this fund:


Note the amount of girls you can see in this picture? Front row only of a secondary class of 30 kids

Every region does a girls’s camp, Kaolack region is mine. I will be helping with the camp taking place in Sokone (a short 30km from my site). We strongly believe in supporting and encouraging women’s education/empowerment in Senegal. Any chance I get I try to explain how I believe that women are much stronger than men here and think men should be helping women more.

Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time 🙂

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