You are probably wondering….

Some information about my service:

  • My 1st 3 months there I will be in Thiès, Senegal
    and doing technical, language, cross-cultural, health and safety
    training before being moving to my placement within the country for the
    next 2 years of service.
  • While there I will be working with my Senegalese partners to help
    establish gardens, improve soil conditions, integrate techniques and crops if possible. (I also hope to doing bee work as my secondary project)
  • I will most likely be living in a dirt hut with a tin or metal roof,
    with no running water and electricity (I will purchase a solar charger there to power my electronics)
  • The local climate is tropical with well-defined dry and humid seasons. The dry season (December to April) with annual rainfall of about 24 in occurs between June and October when maximum temperatures average 86.0 °F and minimum 75.6 °F (this varies as you move inland)
  • French speaking with a few other dialects and is dominantly Muslim religion.

Cool things:

  • I can have visitors so you are ALL welcome to come visit!!!!!! (up to 2 weeks, round trip tickets are about $1500 but you can live on $10 a day) I would love to see you in Senegal!
  • If you can’t visit you are more than welcome to send me a note,
    letter, email, or a package. My information is at the Contact Info page
  • I will learn lots of things of wonderful things (and I’m
    sure some not so wonderful things), meet some really cool people and some wonderful places.
  • I will be keeping a blog, even though postings might be once a month. But I hope to have pictures of all my crazy travels if nothing else.

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