Check, check…is this thing on??

Yeah I know…I seem to love going M.I.A. on my blog. I think its lack of either a) time or b) interesting stuff to share or think its interesting enough. But alas, I am alive, well and have lists!

So I think I took my last motorcycle ride of the year today. The bike had been sitting for a few days until I could prognoses a sound it was making, its better but not fixed. So hence a list for the winter of things to fix, work on, or tear apart. Should be fun, unfortunately all parts needed for endeavor is almost as much as paid for it 😦 but I shouldn’t have to touch it again for another decade πŸ™‚

Other things that are going on.

  • I cut some bangs, thinking of coloring my hair and when the bottle of shampoo is gone, doing some dreads πŸ™‚
  • Buying a used VW Jetta-sadly I am happy to be buying a car (hoping I could go without, but mass transit doesn’t get me to everywhere I need to be)
  • Im all sorts of garden planning. So far summer squash, radishes, greens, spinach, winter onions, carrots.
  • Started vermicomposting or worm composting. I got the worms in the mail from Minnestoa Recycling Assocation. And Im excited to use the castings as fertilizer in my garden next spring
  • Currently reading The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake and trying to finish Long Way Down before I can start a bunch of technical stuff on honey.
  • I do like to start early on presents for the end of the year but like to be clever about such things. I found this hand little gifted magazine that looks like some good inspiration.
  • I think I and everyone else needs this for dating.
  • And of course why didnt they think of this sooner: Last years model (info on what to do with some old gadgets) and I cant find my phone (perfect if someone isnt home with you and you dont own a hardline anymore)

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