I smell like…

bees and stink like sweat. All in a good days works. Brian & I were able to add supers (where bees store honey in the summer) to many hives at 4-5 locations. In the next few weeks we’ll be
harvesting the first honey of this year 🙂

Sadly some bee fossils on the top of the inner hive cover. Interesting to look at though

Pollen in ziplocks collected from a few hives within 50 feet of each other. Color changes with what flowers are available. Tastes sweet and turns to powder in your mouth. Excellent vitamin supplement.

Watching a strong hive and the flight pattern to and from is like watching a washing machine. Very hypnotic and hard to keep track of just one thing.

Wax and bees on the inner cover of the hive. Interesting to see the new (almost white) wax compared to the old. White wax is a signal they are ready to make honey if they aren’t already.

Tops of the frames also have white wax on them. Mostly likely honey in here. 🙂

New comb with nice amount of honey. Hopefully be harvesting it in the next few weeks.

Here you can see brood cells/baby bees (capped cells) with 3 ready to hatch (uncapped and look white)

Bees hanging out at the front of their house.

Typical 4 hives to a pallet and these have 2 supers (smaller boxes on top for honey collection) so they are kinda tall.

Lower part of the hive for the queen, drones and workers to help.

Interesting how calm and grouped they are.

Beautiful new wax the bees make with the sun shining through.

Brian holding it up for me.

This is the kinda of stuff I see when I go to work with the bees. A gorgeous field of clover!!

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